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  • Consensus King

    Unlike everyone else, I personally PURCHASE all of the services contained in my CONSENSUS KING REPORT.  That's why I have the plays so early, accuracy is key!

    What good is a consensus report that posts mistakes?  I understand that my customers are betting money on the information I provide. It is important to get it right! Every night!!  Accuracy and consistency is what you pay for, and I will deliver.  So many of the other so called consensus reports post the same old tired services, most of which you have never heard of.

    I've got a secret to tell you... Some

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  • The Man

    There really is no puzzle to this guy Jigsaw.  What you see its what you get.   He was educated at The School Of Life, and learned his lessons on the street. 

    The man has been a professional gambler for over 20 years.   He puts his money where his mouth is.  He pays his mortgage with his winnings.  He buys his cars the same way.  When he goes to Atlantic City they roll out the red carpet for him, but he usually comes back greener then when he left.  He knows when to roll them and he know when to fold

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    The Consensus King Report is the finest consensus report available anywhere, and includes "exotic" services NO ONE ELSE HAS including all Game of the Year & LOCK selections worth thousands of dollars. The Consensus King Report is the finest ever offered in this industry!

    I go out of my way to post those LOCK and Game of the Year selections nice and early. I've got all the services you want, and none of the ones you don't care about!

    Now at a very special price, $1250 thru the Super Bowl and if you sign up now we will include basketball

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